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kim hyeokThis is profile about kim hyeok. I was so difficult to find his profile on google. Actually all of his profile and news about him, you can find on naver. But it’s using korean.  So we’re from overseas and not speak korean well so it’s difficult to search about him on naver. But here for you guys. Profile kim hyuk (gim hyeok) ^^ Continue Reading »

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REVIEW Stand Up Keren “Mesakke Bangsaku “ Pandji Pragiwaksono @Malang 2013

“Mesakke Bangsaku “ Pandji Pragiwaksono

16 november 2013 di besement dome UMM (Universitas Muhamadiyah Malang) pukul  07 PM

Dengan MC oleh wawan @sakti_waw212

Dengan opening stand up yang sangat lucu yang dibawakan oleh opener Abdur dengan akun twitter @anaklamakera dan Barry  @jekibarr. Dengan gaya Abdur sebagai orang asli timur Indonesia tepatnya orang Sulawesi, dengan gaya bicara yang khas orang timur juga tentunya dan Si barry dengan gaya-gaya khas china (karena wajahnya china banget). Meraka membawakan materi-materi yang sangat informatimatif dengan joke-joke yang keren juga. Membuat para penonton tertawa terus menerus sepanjang Open mic-nya mereka.
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[lyrics] 4men – Love Love Love

English Translation:

I haven’t told you I love you yet
Up until now, I took your love as a lie
Your love, your heart

I still can’t forgive my heart
Now that you’ve left, I realize that it was love
My love, my heart
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[lyrics] HENRY – 143 (I LOVE YOU)

English Translation:

When we’re together, I can tell just by looking in your eyes (uh uh)
When I come back home, I don’t know what to say

Everything I say is still so awkward
Your texts are still too difficult
I open the dictionary and open by open, want to know, want to know, I don’t know

I’m sending 143
I still can’t express my feelings with words whoa oh oh
Sending 143, it’s not just a simple game of numbers whoa oh oh
I love you 143, you are 486
Sending 143, we’re so different
Sending 143, it’s still hard
It’s not just a simple game of number 143
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[LYRICS] CNBlue – Feel Good

Tonight, I’m in control
I’m in control of the girls who are looking at me
Deep deep deeply they have fallen for me
Everyone gets drunk from my eyes and stop

Beep beep beep, I’m a patrol that is looking for you
Like you’re tempting me in my ears, oh rock and roll
Move move move, you dance to the flick of my hands like my avatar

Baby, let’s go crazy with this rhythm, this music tonight
Baby, let’s forget everything tonight, party time
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English Translation:

What time is it right now? Is this a dream or real life?
A sketch in my head, I drew her out all night

I keep going backwards, going backwards from reality
When I approach her, I keep going to a different world

I wonder about this vague riddle
What’s wrong with me? I want to tell her, like a man
The secret that only I know in my dreams
I invite her in and tell her my hidden feelings, say
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[lyrics] M.I.B – nod along

English Translation:

Now lean on me, my dear
Let’s go back to when we first loved
Nod, nod along, please nod along and say you want me too (x2)

Come back to me – time won’t wait for us
Come back to me – time is leaving us far away

I can’t see ahead of me at the end of a long wait
The bridge between us has already broke apart
In between, in between, in between us two
You have just left your spot, it’s not the end yet
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