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profile page 2 song seung heon

Q01 Name Seung Heon, Song
Q02 Date of Birth 5th October 1976
Q03 Family father, mother, elder sister, elder brother
Q04 Height 180Cm
Q05 Weight 70Kg
Q06 Education Younghoon primary school – Middle school affiliated to Seoul College of Education – Younghoon highschool – Ansung Industry College – Kyonggi University
Q07 Foot size 275mm
Q08 Blood type B
Q09 Religion Christian
Q10 Special talent skiing, swimming
Q11 Hobbies movies, DVD collection, computer game, playing golf
Q12 Personality Junsuh (Autumn Fairy Tale) + Eunseong (The Guy was Gorgeous) + … => I don’t know either.
Q13 Habits often pout or purse lips
Q14 Drinking capacity a half bottle of soju, 3 bottles of beer
Q15 Sleeping habits with one arm up
Q16 Dream of conception a big snake playing with my father
Q17 Charming points rich, good personality, great manners, hahaha => am I crazy? (just a kidding.)frankly I don’t know.
Q18 Childhood the boss of kids of the neighborhood
Q19 Dream of childhood hotel manager
Q20 Wish for the future becoming better actor
Q21 Health control eating less and sleeping well with appropriate exercise
Q22 Stress management exercise, game with friends
Q23 Usual attire blue jean, shirts
Q24 Close friends Ji Seop So, Sang Woo Kwon, Byung Heon Lee, Dong Yeop Sin
Q25 Unforgettable person or fan our Honeylang members
Q26 Unforgettable characters Minkyu (You and I), Junsuh (Autumn Fairy Tale) => so innocent young man
Q27 Favorite character Denzel Washington in Training Day, Brad Pitt in Seven
Q28 Favorite actor Denzel Washington
Q29 Favorite number 1
Q30 Favorite color black
Q31 Favorite fashion style I don’t know. I just prefer comfortable style.
Q32 Favorite food all except for puppy(?)
Q33 Favorite movie genre thriller
Q34 Favorite music genre ballad
Q35 Favorite song ‘I Love You’ by Tim (these days)
Q36 Favorite motto TRY HARD ALWAYS!

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