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[LYRICS] MAHER ZAIN – this worldly life

How beautiful, is this worldly life

But not a soul shall remain

We’ve all come into this world

Only to leave it one day

I can see that everything around me

Rises then fades away

Life is just a passing moment

Nothing is meant to stay




This worldly life has an end

And it’s then real life begins

A world where we will live forever

This beautiful worldly life has an end

It’s just a bridge that must be crossed

To a life that will go on forever


So many years, quickly slipping by

Like the Sleepers of the cave (Al Kahfi)

Wake up and make a choice

Before we end up in our grave…(oh God)

You didn’t put me here in vain

I know I’ll be held accountable for what I do

This life is just a journey

And it’s taking me back to You



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So many get caught in this beautiful web

Its gardens become an infatuation

But surely they’ll understand at the final stop

That its gardens are meant for cultivation



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