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[LYRICS] bang yong guk ft. yo seop – I remember

Lyric I Remember by Bang Yong Gook (Feat Yoseob) [Rom & Eng]
yeah da jiok gatton uriye giogi
(Yeah all our hell-like memories)
wae ajikto morit soge nama innunji nan morugesso
(I don’t know why they still remain inside my head)
jinan nal jonbu giok halge
(I will remember all the past days)
nal gatgo noldon got dokbune modunge nan da dwi bakkwiosso
(Because you played with me everything turned around for me)

gujo apeso hwanhage utton yejone nae mosubun opso
(The former me who laughed brightly is gone)
nan gu otton sarangi wado utgyo da gugyojin shimjang
(It would be hilarious if another love came)
ottokedun nol ijoboryo haesso
(My shattered heart was determined to forget you no matter what)
naega monjo nugu boda jalla jyoso
(First I became better than anyone else)

nal bomyonso niga huhwe hagil baraesso
(I hoped you would regret it when you saw me)
gurae no guroke mushihadon nae umakdo
(Yeah like that you even ignored my music)
ijen soul gorie ullyo pojinikka (rock on)
(Now I blast it through the streets of Seoul so rock on)
uri yejon supgwanduri butjapgo
(Our old habits are holding on)
angmong gatton no saenggage hollyo ppajyodulji maebon
(I’m often bewitched into thoughts of you that are like nightmare)

guraedo saranghaetton noyotgie
(But still because it’s you that I loved)
joldae itji ana Yes, I remember
(I will never forget Yes, I remember)

[*] nunul gamado uril bichudon
(Even if I close my eyes, the light that illuminated us)
bichi ajikto gudaero isso
(Is still there in the same way)
sojung haetton shigandul nan gipi ganjik hagesso
(I will deeply treasure our precious moments)
manun shigansok apumi wado
(Even if those times bring me pain)
yongwonul yaksok haetton nanaldul
(Those days when we promised forever)
gu sungan mankum kkut torok joldae itji ankesso
(Even those moments, until the end I won’t forget)
I remember

I don’t know what you done to me, just like that
jibo chiwo nan sarang ttawin anhae I came back, yeah
(I quit, I won’t love anymore I came back, yeah)
modu boryo do isangun piryo opso nan
(Throw it all away, I don’t need it anymore)
ije no opshi jamdul su isso
(Now I can fall asleep without you)
no omnun spotlight bin jarirul bichuo
(Without you the spotlight shines on an empty place)

juk naega kkunun kkume gachirul mitji mothae
(I can’t believe the meaning of the dream I dreamed)
nal borin ihyonshire naega michyo
(I go crazy realizing I’ve been thrown away)
I’m hot stuff no gatun aeduri manna dallago
(I’m hot stuff, girls like you ask me to go out with them)
ganchong halttae junun sangchon nae narumdaero akage saraganun bob
(The wounds they get as they beg are my way to live on, wickedly like this)

gesok dwaetton ibyol hue naege namun gon
(After continuous breakups, what’s left to me)
yongwonhal goran yaksogun gyolguk opso
(A promise of forever that in the end doesn’t exist)
guge nal yohi kkaji oge mandurotji maebon
(That is what made me come until here)
ni sonuro jikjop nowaborin nal
(You put me aside with your own hands)

dubon dashinun chyodado bojima
(Don’t even look at me again)
ni saenggakto nawa gattago midulge
(I will believe that you think like I do)
joldae itji ana Yes, I remember
(I will never forget Yes, I remember)
repeat [*]

hamlle hajan yaksok
(The promise of being together)
yongwon torok (igose ganjik halge)
(Forever (I will treasure it in this place))
jamshi igirul hollo gorogado
(Even if I wander this road for a while)
nae modun gol nege boyojulge
(I will show you all of me)
repeat [*]


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