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kim hyeokThis is profile about kim hyeok. I was so difficult to find his profile on google. Actually all of his profile and news about him, you can find on naver. But it’s using korean.  So we’re from overseas and not speak korean well so it’s difficult to search about him on naver. But here for you guys. Profile kim hyuk (gim hyeok) ^^
I hope you love it guys ^^
Name : Kim Hyeok 김혁
Birthday : 11 June 1981
Nationality : Korean
Education : Dongguk University (Physical Education Course/ Faculty)
Height : 185.0cm
Weight : 80Kg
Bloodtype: B

Company: 더솜엔터테인먼트 The SOM Entertainment
*English Subs can be found on KBS World TV.
KBS Cool Kiz on the Block
KBS Dream Team Season 2
:: We have added in links where Eng Subs are available for the drama/ movie. Credits to the website.
Movie | Cast

:: 2012 ::
반창꼬 [Love 911] as YoungDae 용대
TV / Drama | Cast
:: 2013 ::
빠스껫볼 [Basketball] as Kim Hyeok 김혁
(Episode 8, 9 and 10) ENG SUB

:: 2011 ::
오작교 형제들 [Ojakgyo Family/ Ojakgyo Brothers] as Hwang ChangHun 황창훈

:: 2009 ::
*Horror Drama 기담전설 2 소름 [Gidam Story2] as Hyeok 혁

:: 2005 :: 해변으로 가요 [Let’s go to the Beach] as Kim Hyeok 김혁

:: 2004 ::
(Debut Work) 논스톱5 [Non-stop 5] as Kim Hyeok 김혁
Credit : http://kimhyeokfc.weebly.com/about-hyeok.html


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